(These modes apply to Mahoning County, Ohio Nets Only)


Loose Net (Standyby/Relaxed Mode)

This mode is normally implemented when Mahoning County is between severe weather alerts. The National Weather Service has indicated that severe weather has passed Mahoning County, but does not want the net to completely deactivate. This may be due to another storm heading for Mahoning County. Normal radio traffic is permitted during this time, but all operators are asked to "drag their feet" between transmissions in the event the SKYWARN Net were to reactivate. At the Net Controller's discretion, check-ins may be taken during this period. This mode may also implemented prior to severe weather alerts, normally when a Watch is issued or a Warning is issued to an Adjacent county (Trumbull, Portage, Stark, Columbiana)

Directed Net (Active Mode):

Severe Weather is near Mahoning County and the National Weather Service has asked the Net to activate. During this period, mobile spotters are deployed to various areas of Mahoning County. All participants are asked check-in with the Net Controller with their Call, Name, NWS Spotter Number, and exact location. A backup Net Controller will be assigned, in the event the main Net Controller must go off the air. Net Control has complete control of the frequency. All transmissions are directed to Net Control.

Directed Net (SQUELCHED Mode):

The Active SKYWARN net is silenced after severe weather has entered Mahoning County. The National Weather Service has issued a weather WARNING for Mahoning County. This could either be a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or a Tornado Warning. The Net Controller has complete control of the frequency. All transmissions are directed to Net Control.

ONLY the following reports will be accepted during a squelched net: (This criteria is set by the National Weather Service)

*TORNADO (ON THE GROUND, Look for debris!), FUNNEL CLOUD (NOT on the ground), OR WALL CLOUD.


*ACTUAL WIND DAMAGE (Straight Line Winds) or MEASURED/ESTIMATED WINDS GREATER THAN 45 MPH. Measured means with an anemometer (wind gauge). Inform the Net Controller if the wind is Measured or Estimated.

*FLASH FLOODING (Stream way out of its banks, a dam failure, ice jam flooding (winter), more than 1 foot of moving water in the streets).


Only these reports are acceptable. If the National Weather Service needs additional information, the Net Controller will ask the net for those reports. If you have not logged into the net because it has been squelched and need to make a priority report, make sure you give the Net Controller your Call, Name, Spotter Number, exact location, and time (if known) as the NWS needs this information.

Heavy Rain and Lightning is NOT reportable. This occurs with all thunderstorms (severe & normal).

These modes have been developed by the SKYWARN committee over the years and are in place for your safety, the safety of the public (the public listens to the SKYWARN net on scanners), and efficiency of communication in critical situations. Please respect these modes, when active, and the instructions of the Net Controller on duty.

(This information is subject to change by order of the National Weather Service or the Mahoning County SKYWARN committee)