July 4, 2006

Storms move thru Mahoning County in Late Afternoon & Early Evening.  All pictures are taken in Milton Township in the Northwest corner of Mahoning County as the storms approaches from the Northwest out of Portage County.  All pictures by John Bennett, N8NJL.

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Shelf Cloud - Looking Northwest over the Lake Milton Dam.

 Storm moving toward the camera. Well defined edges.



Mahoning/Trumbull County Line @ Route 534. LOW cloud base & scud clouds (non-rotating)

The clouds were less than 100 feet from ground level!


Looking East from the I-76/Route 534 Bridge

Northeast end of Shelf Cloud

These storms also produced a rope funnel cloud about 10 minutes after the above I-76 picture was taken.  Although it was visible from the I-76/Route 534 bridge (East),  the sky was too dark for the digital camera to pick it up.